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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 7

It's time to INVITE to our party! 

Spring Party Rep Invite Image.png

Use the image above and YOUR variation of the words below to tell EVERYONE about our upcoming event! 

Facebook/IG Wall Post (you can change this to sound like you and add emojis!)

I don’t know about you, but leggings and joggers are a daily thing for me. With the change of seasons I’m in the market for some bright, beautiful and flattering gear! If you are too, you should join me next week and check out what Zyia has to offer this Spring. This line is simply the BEST! Plus, there will be giveaways ;) Who needs an invite? 

VIP Group Post (you can change this to sound like you and add emojis!)

Attention VIP’S - SPRING IS HERE! Come check out what’s new with Zyia!!! Next week’s Spring Style Event will feature our newest, HOTTEST pieces as well as fun styling tips and giveaways!  Who needs an invite? 

Use the image above to create a story on IG or Facebook. You've already learned how to ask a question so add that to it! 

Potential Questions for your story...

Ready for a spring update? Type YES below for an invite! 

Want to check out what's NEW? Type YES below!

Need some fresh spring gear? Type YES below! 

Want to check it out??? Type YES below! 

Tips for the Upcoming Group Party:

  • Mass invites are important but personal invites are NECESSARY! Follow up your posts with messages that include a personal invitation 

  • Not sure who to message? Start with everyone who has interacted with your posts this week. Also personally invite your past customers who have shopped with you before!

Example Message: Hey Jenny! I wanted to reach out because this week my team and I are hosting a Spring Style Event and I thought you might be interested! Would you like the link to check it out? There will be give aways too! :)

Note: The reason you don't just give them the group link is because you want to get them to engage back so you know they are intersted or not. If they say yes, then send them the link and ADD THEM TO YOUR GROUP CHAT so you can track your guests who are attending the party.

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