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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 25


Test out one of the Mocktail Recipes and share a photo and review! 

Snap a selfie, go live making it, show you and your family enjoying it on a hot summer/chilly winter day (wearing your Zyia) and share what you love about one of the recipes!

Remember to always have a call to action "CTA" to like, comment, drop their email below or text a keyword to your number for a link to the guide!

If they comment or like, DM them and ask for either their email or phone number to build your lists.

Tips: ​​

  • Add stickers/gifs to your stories and any additional photos of yourself (people love seeing photos of you!)

  • Make sure you check back on your stories periodically for likes and comments

  • Remember "every like is a lead" (every comment too!)

  • Add your new leads to a list to keep track of them (so you can continue to nurture and convert them.)

  • Send them a DM with an offer or start a conversation


  • Send your photo/video of you testing out a mocktail directly to anyone who also downloaded the Mocktail Guide, with a personal message. Let them know you thought of them specifically and wanted to recommend that mocktail specifically! And that you are excited to hear what their thoughts are!


  • Pick one of your favorite Zyia Pieces that you couldn't live without and run a 48 hour Weekend Flash Sale on that item only! Consider doing a mystery hostess or some kind of challenge for your shoppers. Like - when I sell 5 - one person's order is half off, when I sell 10, 3 people get half off their orders (reimbursed) or something fun like that!

  • Create a count down image and update it as you sell another one.

  • Personally reach out to your top customers and let them know about the special sale for that ONE item and why you personally couldn't live without it. Ask them if they want to get in on the weekend deal.

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