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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 24


TGIF! As people begin to plan their weekends, let's share a new lead magnet to "wet" their appetite!


Thank you to Josee Nadeau for creating this Summer Mocktails Guide featuring Zyia Active Pieces!

Post something today to create curiosity about this guide!  Create a call to action (CTA) asking people to like, comment, or enter their email or phone number to access the guide! This will help you build your lead list not only on social media but also for email and texting!

Pro Tip: If they send you their email, add it to a saved excel list or to your Zyia Back Office as a new contact so they get future emails from you or the company.

Advanced Tip: Setup a Keyword opt in via text using Vizzlie (US/Canada) or Shout (Australia). The Marketing Roadmap has advanced training if you need help.



  • Post the Mocktail Guide Lead Magnet in your VIP Group and collect more email and phone numbers to your lists!

  • Track these numbers/emails and add them to your back office contacts or other systems you might have (Vizzlie, Shout, etc.)


  • Consider offering a special on on any of the featured Zyia items inside the Mocktails Guide! Put it on your calendar to follow up with anyone who subscribed to get the guide on Monday to offer them the limited time deal!

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