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"You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong."

Zyia Revolution

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We're so excited to introduce you to our online community. You may have landed here because someone thinks you're awesome and sent you this link to check out our brand and our amazing team. Or, perhaps, you swiped up on someone's story or even landed here by yourself. Regardless, we're thrilled you took the time to learn more about something that brings us so much joy and passion. 


Our hope is that our community can be a solution for you. We want EVERY person we partner with to feel challenged, fulfilled, noticed and valued.  

In our tribe, we believe in . . .

Dreaming BIG. Collaboration over competition. Pushing limits and breaking boundaries. Finding your place to shine. The power of LIFE CHANGING relationships and financial opportunities. And most importantly, uplifting others... always. 


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Mom of 2, Full Time Nurse, Peloton Biker

Joining Zyia was the best decision I’ve ever made! I love all the friends I’ve made and sense of community I am now a part of. My Zyia clothes help me stay focused and feel good while doing work outs. I love that I’ve made good money doing what I love, just sharing activewear. I’ve been able to buy things like a Peloton bike and trips and things I wouldn’t have before! 

Kelsey Moen.jpg


Hair Stylist and Fitness Instructor

I just became a Zyia Rep but I am absolutely in love with the family Vibes and everyone is so uplifting! I am a Cardio Drumming Coach and I love uplifting people so this is perfect for me! I have never felt so good about something like this before!!!

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