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Zyia Active Incentive Trips

Do you like to travel?  Every year Zyia Active offers two company sponsored, all inclusive incentive trips for the rep and a guest!

One of the trips is open to any rep, even if they are brand new, and is achieved by earning points from personal sales, promotion in rank and sponsoring.

The second trip is for reps who have achieved Zyia Executive rank or above within the prior year.

Since 2019 our team members have traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Thailand, and most recently Riviera Maya! Later this year we have another trip to Cancun, Mexico and in May 2022 we will be traveling to Hawaii!

On our first trip to Cabo San Lucas, we had 12 team members earn the trip. Flash forward two crazy years and in Riviera Maya, we had over 60 earn the trip! This is the real deal!

This is in addition to the various Zyia Revolution team retreats we have held throughout the US and Canada in Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Calgary and beyond!

Checkout a sampling of the trip videos below to see how much fun we have together! And envision yourself traveling the world with us very soon!
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