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Our Zyia Revoltuion Story

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Our story begins long before any of us had ever heard the word "Zyia." Years ago, Kelly and Kim had the chance to work alongside one another in a different company. A friendship was built and the foundation was laid for what would one day be a dream come true for both of them. 


In September 2018 Kim was introduced to Zyia. Long story short, by fate she stumbled upon the company's fastest growing leader. When sharing this story with Kelly, it became clear that this was an opportunity neither one could walk away from. Their experience had taught them the skills needed to help others be successful in direct sales, they simply needed the right vehicle. Zyia checked all of the boxes.... FUN, ATTRACTIVE, SIMPLE, LUCRATIVE. So, Zyia Revolution was born. 


We've grown to a group of almost 4,000 independent representatives, many of which are in the top 1% of the company. More importantly, we've seen countless dreams become a reality. The income, the friendships, the travel, and the personal growth are just a few of the reasons we love this industry.


Our incredible leadership team is 100% committed to helping every team member find these things. It's happening, every day. We would LOVE for you to be a part of it!

Zyia Revolution Values


Our priority is to unleash the leader within by helping you recognize your unique strengths.


We are a group of international women and men, working towards a common goal. We believe that we are stronger together, and lead by this mantra, we can achieve great things faster and better than we could in isolation. It’s so much more fulfilling working together amongst friends.


Our team is one of the fastest growing amongst the Zyia Active community! To support you, we have developed plug and play business systems so you can truly run your new turn-key business without any guess work or recreating the wheel! These systems can also help you as you grow your own team with confidence. No "techiness" required!


Our culture embraces collaboration over competition. Together, we work towards a greater vision, realizing that we rise together and that there is an abundance of success to be had for all.


Our vision is to help those with busy lifestyles, be it a mom, a dad, or those with already active careers, achieve a successful secondary residual stream of income. We are also here to guide you to finding full financial and time freedom if this is your goal! You do you with the support of your upline, sideline and our incredible systems.

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