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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 2

Challenge Images.png

Today we are going to post a generic post in your Facebook Wall/Feed to warm up the algorithm and get people commenting! This will help later on this week so more people see your posts about Zyia. 



Post Instructions: Select ONE of the images below to post to your wall/feed. You do not need to include any post words (description) if you don't want to as the images speak for themselves.

Post Images: (right click on a computer or hold down from your phone to save)

Fav Toy.jpg
What_s worse.jpg
Sick Work.jpg
Pick 2 on vacation.jpg
Babysitter GIF.jpg
private island food.jpg

Tips for the Upcoming Group Party:

  • Join the Party Group linked below.

  • Throughout the week, as people engage with you on social media, engage back in conversation with them in the DMs and invite them to our upcoming party!

  • Start a Group Chat on Facebook and add each guest to the chat so you can communicate with everyone at once next week during the party.

About next week's Group Party:

  • We will be running this party for you in a Facebook Group

  • Your job is to invite your guests to the party group and engage with your guests in a group chat throughout the party

  • We will be coaching you each day what to say to engage your guests

  • You will be responsible for setting up an event in your Zyia Back Office ( or so you can collect your own hostess rewards. If you don't know how to do that, here is a tutorial.

  • The party will run Monday, May 2 through Thursday May 5th.

  • Your revolution leaders will be covering the cost of the give aways we offer during the party.

  • If you have any additional questions please reply via text or email us at

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