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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 3

Challenge Images-3.png

Post this to your Facebook wall.

Example #1
Image 4-19-22 at 2.32 PM.jpg

Post Script: Things I can't live without these days... fuzzy slippers (or your fave pair of running/house shoes), and leggings that give the illusion of mom thighs looking smooth and firm. [Add emoji's or #'s to make the post more fun.]

Images: Take a picture or two of yourself. One smiling at the camera and one of your legs and slippers/shoes, as shown above.

Example #2
Image 4-19-22 at 2.33 PM.jpg

Post Script: Omgosh!! THIS, my friends, is the most accurate comparison! You all know how much I looooove Target... but I will not be going there for my leggings. Check this out!

Target, you've never done me so wrong. 


[Add emoji's or #'s to make the post more fun.]

Post these images. (You can post just one... or as many as you'd like)


Tips for the Upcoming Group Party:

  • You are posting to ATTRACT people to you! The next step is to NURTURE them by engaging in conversation!

  • When someone likes or comments on your post, reply with a meaningful comment back. Ask them a follow up question or send them a DM to continue the conversation.

  • Ask questions to uncover their needs and preferences

  • INVITE them to our upcoming party this coming week to checkout the line and add them to a FB Chat with your other guests for their direct link to you to ask questions, get the shop link, and more!

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