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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 6

Challenge Images (3).png

Today you will be practicing taking an Outfit of the Day "OOTD" photo to Post on your Wall and/or Story. Optional: If you have a Customer group, you can also post in there with a link to your website!

This is easiest to do from our phone! If you aren't wearing all Zyia, that is ok.  You want to be wearing at least 1 item... and the more the better.  You can take this photo looking in a mirror or a selfie.  Watch the video above to see how to add the website photo to your image. 

Example Images: Grab the stock photo from the website and either save or screen shot with the price.  Tip: If you click the added photos they can change shapes from square to circle, star, triangle, etc.


Tips for the Upcoming Group Party:

  • Join the Party Group linked below.

  • Throughout the week, as people engage with you on social media, engage back in conversation with them in the DMs and invite them to our upcoming party!

  • Post your outfit of the day everyday if you are wearing something Zyia.  Your friends want to see YOU in the clothes!

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