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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 8

Challenge Images (5).png

Today you will be posting on your story using the Poll sticker.

Getting interactions on your stories tells Facebook you are interesting and people want to see what you are posting. Using the Poll option to get your friends opinions is a great way to do this!  You can use other action words like This or That, Patterns or Solids, Black or Colorful, Joggers or Leggings.  These are just a few examples you can use for a poll.  Choose one of the options below and add a poll.  How to do this is in the images above.

Post Images: (right click on a computer or hold down from your phone to save)


Tips for This Week's Group Party:

  • The party starts TODAY!

  • Make sure you have your group chat setup with all your customers and they are all invited and added to the group! We asked them to comment in the welcome post and tag you when they join.

  • The more interactive you can be in the group AND in your chat this week, the better!

  • You can share posts from the group into your chat by clicking on the post and selecting Copy Link - then pasting that into your chat. Reach out to your upline or reply to our text if you need help with this! 

  • Keep inviting throughout the week! As people engage with you on social media, engage back in conversation with them in the DMs and invite them to our upcoming party!

  • During the party, if you see a photo you like feel free to post in your story with a poll.  

  • You could use the poll option to Post a photo in the party and ask if anyone would like to check it out ADD ME or I'M IN

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