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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 9


It's time to coach the ladies in the chat you created who joined the party! Stay connected daily, even if it's just a quick check-in.

We recommend recording a quick video of yourself to share what's in the script below. It doesn't have to be perfect... just be yourself. If you don't have time or don't want to post a video in the chat, here is a script:


Hi ladies! Thank you so much for joining our Spring Style Event! I'm excited for you to get a closer look at our line and see what's new for spring! Think of me as your personal shopper over the next few days. I'm happy to help you with sizing and make recommendations.  

You can ask questions here in this chat or PM me privately.


The party runs through Thurs 5/5. 

Let's have some fun!



Share an "item of the day" that you love in the chat. Share why you love it and how/where you wear it. Add an image of you wearing it or a stock image... and include the direct link to shop that item.

Offer FREE SHIPPING for the first 48 hours!

Post a fun GIF or engagement post related to spring time or workouts or shopping in the chat each morning. Feel free to use the image above and say something like... Shopping is supposed to be fun! Grab a glass of wine or some Bubbly and browse the site with your feet up tonight.

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