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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 18


Let's Uplift Others Today with an Inspiring Quote!


Pick one of these quotes or your favorite quote and post it today. A quick google search for an image for this quote should give you lots of visual options!

Include a call to action like - Do you agree? Drop a ME! or Don't agree drop a "1" - totally agree drop a "10"








Tips: ​​

  • Add stickers/gifs to your stories and any additional photos of yourself (people love seeing photos of you!)

  • Make sure you check back on your stories periodically for likes and comments

  • Remember "every like is a lead" (every comment too!)

  • Add your new leads to a list to keep track of them (so you can continue to nurture and convert them.)

  • Send them a DM with an offer or start a conversation


google search.png

  • Go LIVE in your VIP Group Today and talk about one of these topics.

  • Going LIVE in your group really helps algorithms

  • Include SOME call to action (CTA) like "comment YES" below or "if you are with me, drop a heart below"(to help with the algorithm)


  • Create a "dream team" list of 5 people you would LOVE to work with. Don't think about why they wouldn't want to join you, allow them to make that decision!  Your job is to reach out to them and say something like...

    • Hey Jenny! I can't believe we are already half way through June! How are you and the family doing? Any travel coming up?

    • (wait for response)​

    • I wanted to reach out to you to see what your plans and goals for this Summer are? Are you open to taking a look at the Zyia Opportunity to earn some extra income for...

    • If they say no or give an objection...

      • Ask for clarification. Start with curiosity. For example "Out of curiosity... are you saying you would love being part of the community and could really use the money right now, but are nervous about what your friends may think?"

      • Overcome their objection - here is a great training on overcoming objections

    • If they are open to learning more...

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