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10 Key Questions to Consider when Choosing a Social Selling Company to Join

You see the value in a new stream of revenue. You may have even narrowed it down to a few companies with products that you personally use and love.  But a great product not the only ingredient for success.  You are smart to pause and consider which opportunity is the best from a business perspective?


Product Use

One of the first things to consider is your target customer, and their personal annual budget for the product your company offers. Consider how often they would order or re-order and how it is priced compared to more convenient retail stores they may come in contact with.  Now, take that number and multiply it by the commission rate you would earn. How many customers would you need to aquire in a year to earn what you would like to earn from personal sales?  Next, let's consider customer acquisition strategies.


Customer Acquisition

What is the primary way the company acquires new customers?  Will you be relying on your friends and family for orders and re-orders or is there a system in place for you to grow outside your personal network?  Is there a party-plan company paid hostess rewards program or will you have to come out of pocket to reward your customers for referrals?  Is the company's new customer acquision system authentic and scalable? Meaning, is it something you can feel genuine doing? And could you teach others how to do it simply?



There is an infinate about of people our there. Every company will tell you that. But is there an infinate about of people that their product is right for, and that those people will see the value in?  Where do those people hang out? Are they easy to target? Are other businesses with similar target markets willing to collaborate with your and this potential company? These are all good questions to consider.


How New is TOO New?

How new is the company? Is is ground floor or dirt floor? How much support will you need and do they have the systems, training and support setup so you can succeed bringing customers and business partners in the door? Will they have a good experience, or will you constantly be apologizing for the lack of XYZ?

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