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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 10

It's New Release Wednesday! 

Release times: United States @11am MST / Canada @ 12:30pm MST

How to find new releases: Just before 11am MST, there will be reviews on the @ZyiaFamily Instagram stories.  Taylor from home office will explain the fabric, fit and squatability of the items.  There will also be photos posted on the @ZyiaActive & @Zyia_Active_Canada account you can screen shot.  An email will be sent to you with images and links to the reviews as well.

What to post:  In your group chat with your customers attending the party, share images of the new releases.  Let them know which are your favorites.  Ask a question to get people engaging.  Example might be if there are 2 different leggings, Do you prefer this color or that? Or What do you look for in a sports bra?  You could ask - Who is ready for summer? Which of these new tanks are you loving the most?


Additional ideas to share the new releases: 

Post in your VIP Customer group if you have one.  Post in your stories, you could use This or That or a Question.  

Two ways to send an email with the new releases to your customers.

1. Kelly will post a madmimi email template in Zyia Revolution.  You will need to edit to have your own Shopping links.  See how to do that below. Click here for Tutorial

2. Copy/Paste the company email sent and add your shop link. Click here for Tutorial

Post Images: Watch tutorial at the top of this page on how to save images from the corporate email.

Tips for the Group Party & Chat:


  • Post the new releases in your guest group chat and personally message guests separately if they have been interacting and something they have been checking out was released.   Example - they love joggers and a brand new pair of joggers was released.  "Hey Sarah! Did you see these new joggers? I thought of you as soon as I saw them!" 

  • Check in the group and scroll to see if your guests have commented on any engagement posts, be sure to LOVE their comment & respond.

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