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Spring into Action Challenge

Day 11

Our Party is wrapping up! It's time to connect PERSONALLY! 

Step 1: Personally message everyone who is shopping with you this week

Example message:

Hey Sarah! Thank you so much for checking out my Spring Style Event this week! We're wrapping up our party today and I wanted to personally reach out and see if I can help you narrow things down. :) What have you been checking out? 

*Be sure to end this BRIEF message with a question! 

Step 2: Respond Thoughtfully 

  • Be PROACTIVE! Personally helping people shop is what sets us apart from other companies. Don't be afraid to offer suggestions! 

  • Ask more questions! Dig deep to learn more about them and what they NEED. Are you looking for workout gear or more leisure pieces? Maybe both? What type of workouts do you do? Do you like compression? Are you more of a "black basics" or "all the colors" kinda gal?

  • Send direct links to items that you think they'll love.

  • If they're not sure what they're shopping for, send links to some of your favorite pieces!

  • Send ideas for complimenting pieces. If they're shopping for leggings, send a coordinating bra or tank! They need joggers? Send a Go To Tee link and mention you wear them together all the time! 

Step 3: Go back to the comments in the party and re-engage! 

Make note of who has engaged with which product post. You can go back and tag them in a comment reminding them that it's time to grab that piece before party closes!  

Today is all about CONNECTING! Make sure you take advantage of your last chance to engage your shoppers and make the process EASY for them!  HAVE FUN! :) 

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