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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 14


Schools Out!

For many people, this is the week School gets out if it isn't already! This is a great time so show some gratitude to all the hard working teachers who helped our kids grow this year!

Post Ideas:

  • Post an engagement post and ask people: Who was your favorite teacher and why? Share your favorite teacher and why you appreciate them so much. Tag them if you can!

  • Post a thank you to the teachers who taught your kids this year (tag them) and invite people to thank and tag their teachers this year too!

  • Thank all teachers and ask anyone who is a teacher to share their favorite thing or most proud moment that happened in their classroom this year.

Tips: ​​

  • Add stickers/gifs to your stories and any additional photos of yourself (people love seeing photos of you!)

  • Make sure you check back on your stories periodically for likes and comments

  • Remember "every like is a lead" (every comment too!)

  • Add your new leads to a list to keep track of them (so you can continue to nurture and convert them.)

  • Send them a DM with an offer or start a conversation

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  • Post a photo of your Summer Style (whatever you are wearing today that's Zyia)! Include a call to action (CTA) - which piece is your favorite? 


  • Reach out to 5 teachers and ask them about their Summer plans... would they like to add in Zyia as a side hustle to earn some extra $$$?

  • See if you can help anyone shop for Father's Day with a gift card too!

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