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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 3


Today is ​World Bicycle Day!


See images below


Example Post:

Did you know that TODAY is World Bicycle Day?!?!

I love surrounding myself with an uplifting community that is always seeing the best in people! Will you join me in celebrating this uplifting holiday by tagging someone in the comments below and saying something nice about them!?


What do you appreciate most about them?

What do you admire about them?

What is your greatest wish for them?

What is one of their greatest strengths?


Just say something nice and help me spread kindness all over Facebook today!

Example Post 2:

In honor of World Bicycle Day, I want to share my favorite biking story....

(your first bike, and epic crash, when you taught your kid to ride, when you wanted to enter a cycling race, etc.)


Call to action (CTA)

So, to honor my fellow cyclists out there! I am offering a special on all Zyia's Cycling pieces today! See the comments for some great cycling pieces and links to shop them and DM me for a deal before you order!


  • Post this on your main Facebook Profile so all your friends see it (not just in your VIP Group). 

  • You can also post in your stories with a question or poll for added engagement! Example: How old were you when you learned to ride a bike? or Would you rather Run or Bike for a workout?

  • Add emojis and any additional photos of yourself (people love seeing photos of you!)

  • Make sure you check back on your post periodically for likes and comments

  • Remember "every like is a lead" (every comment too!)

  • Add your new leads to a list to keep track of them (so you can continue to nurture and convert them.)

  • Send them a DM with an offer or start a conversation

  • To find the cycling pieces on your website (only available in US & CA) search: Pink ZYIA Race Jersey, Black Race Biking Shorts, Pink Freeride Mountain Jersey, Black Freeride Trail Shorts, Men's Green Freeride Mountain Jersey, Men's Black Freeride Trail Shorts

Do you like to ride indoor or outdoor (3).png
Do you like to ride indoor or outdoor (2).png


  • Post your cycling special deal of the day in your VIP Group with photos of cycling pieces.


  • Personally reach out to 2+ customers and that you know are triathletes or cyclists (or have someone in their family who is) and make sure they know about the deal. Let them know that you thought of them specially.

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