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30 Day June Marketing Challenge

Day 30 or 29


If you are in the Australia you will do this on Wednesday June 29 (and just say "Tomorrow is...) but if you are in US/Canada you will do this on Thursday, June 30!

World Social Media Day & National Work from Home Day

Pick one of these days and celebrate it today!

Example Post 1: Social Media Day (Link to Images)

Did you know that it is World Social Media Day?!? It's crazy to think back just 10 years ago and reflect on how life is so different now. I know we can complain about social media, but in the spirit of positivity, let's focus on all the good it has done!

  • It helps us keep in touch with friends who live far away

  • It helped us create community and connection when we were quarantined

  • It helps us raise money and awareness for worthy charitable causes

  • It helps us buy and sell and showcase small businesses with low advertising budgets

  • It helps us connect and work remotely so we can enjoy more time with our families

  • It nurtures creativity and keeps us learning new things every day!

Comment below with one thing you APPRECIATE about social media!

Example Post 2: Work from Home Day (Link to Images)

Raise your hand if you work from home! (or do a poll (work from home/work on site)


This year more than ever there are more people in the world who get to celebrate Work from Home Day!  More workers than ever are able to work remotely which creates a whole new professional dynamic in today's world!  I am so grateful to be able to work my Zyia business from home because it has allowed me to...

If you currently work from home, what is your favorite part?


  • Post this on your main Facebook Profile so all your friends see it (not just in your VIP Group). 

  • You can also post the running one in your stories with a question or poll for added engagement!

  • Add emojis and any additional photos of yourself (people love seeing photos of you!)

  • Make sure you check back on your post periodically for likes and comments

  • Remember "every like is a lead" (every comment too!)

  • Add your new leads to a list to keep track of them (so you can continue to nurture and convert them.)

  • Send them a DM with an offer or start a conversation


  • Go LIVE in your VIP Group today and personally thank your customers for their support of your business.

  • Let them know that it is because of the vehicle of Social Media, and their support of your small business that you are able to work remotely.

  • That has enriched your life by.....

  • Invite them to reach out to you if they would like to learn more about working with you or hosting a party in person or online. 


  • Go back to the dream team list we created a while back and add 1-2 new people to it! Reach out to them or reach out to your upline to help create a strategy of how you might approach them about working together.

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