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How does Zyia Active compare to Lululemon and other Brands?

In a 2021 independent study by Bain & Company, Zyia Active rated 14 points HIGHER than Lululemon and 21 points higher than Athleta in their net Net Promoter Score. This is a score that measures how likely customers are to recommend this brand to a friend.

Likely, this is due to Zyia's exceptional quality and customer service. Zyia's return and exchange policy is seamless and easy with a refund or exchange offered within 30 days or a replacement for any defect within 90 days.

When you shop with a Zyia Brand Rep you are given a personalized shopping experience. Zyia Brand Reps build relationships with their customers and offer incredible rewards for sharing the line with their friends. Contact your Zyia Revolution Brand Rep for details on how to shop and earn free and half off clothing with our generous referral program!

Need a rep? Email and one of our trained Zyia stylists will contact you!

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