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How does Zyia Active Compare to Savvi Fit?

Zyia Active is a private company that began in 2017 in the USA. They currently have operations in the US, Canada and will soon be expanding to Australia.

Zyia has never been managed or marketed under another name or names. They are a 100% DEBT FREE company.

Zyia has a generous 30 day return (refund) or exchange policy. They also offer replacements on item defects within 90 days.

According to a 2021 study by Bain and Company, Zyia pays 3-4 times more in commissions to their average representative than their peers in the industry. Also, 80% of customers purchase again within 12 months.

Zyia's Net Promoter Score is 14 points higher than Lululemon and 21 points higher than Athleta. This is a score that measures customer's likelihood to recommend the brand to a friend.

Zyia Active has a collaborative and uplifting community. Zyia's mission is to bring light to the world, inspire activity, build community and uplift others to their highest potential.

Zyia has a generous, company paid referral program in which they offer customers free and half off products for referring orders. See graphic below for the current US plan.

Do your research before joining a company! There is often more than meets the eye. Furthermore, make sure you are aligning yourself with experienced mentorship with training and systems to help you grow and thrive. Not all representatives and teams are the same. Learn more about the Zyia Revolution Difference at

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