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Is Zyia Active a Pyramid Scheme?

No! Pyramid Schemes are illegal and typically involve companies that don't sell an actual product to customers or who push inventory loading. Zyia ships product directly to customers from their warehouses and reps are not required to carry any inventory.

Zyia Active recently reported that 80% of their total sales is to retail customers, not brand reps. This is extremely high compared to other social selling companies. Furthermore, 80% of customers are repeat purchasers within 12 months. Compare this to the athleticwear industry average of 60%.

Zyia Active also reported that their brand reps on average earn 3-4 times MORE COMMISSIONS than other top social selling, MLM or direct sales companies based on an independent study by Bain and Company.

Finally, Zyia Active Rep Retention since inception 2017 is 76%. Compare this to the 12 month rolling average of 55% in the industry.

(Source: Bain & Company Independent Study, 2021)

In summary, Zyia Active is a legitimate business opportunity, with customers who love our products, and reps who love our opportunity. Learn more about how you can join a leading team, with the systems, experience and training to help you get a competitive advantage! Visit for details!

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